Watch Battle for Dream Island or be eliminated.
Twenty characters battle for a luxurious island in an elimination-centric viewer-voted animated series, including BFDI (Battle for Dream Island), BFDIA (Battle for Dream Island AGAIN), IDFB, and BFB (Battle for B.F.D.I.).
Including BFDI 1a: Take the Plunge, BFDI 1b: Take the Plunge, BFDIA 2: Get Digging, BFDI 17: The Reveal, BFDIA 1: Yeah, Who? I wanna Know, and BFDI 14: Half a Loaf Is Better Than None
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BFDI: Aw, Seriously?
Lo-Fi Beats to Yoyle To
BFB 20: A Taste of Space
BFDI TikTok Compilation
BFB 18: Take the Tower
BFB 17: X Marks the Spot
BFB 15: The Four is Lava
BFB 10: Enter the Exit
BFB 6: Four Goes Too Far
BFB 5: Fortunate Ben
BFDI: Ballers

BFDI: Ballers

3 years ago

BFDI: Paper Towel
Back 2 School Bad News
IDFB 1: Welcome Back
BFDIA 6 Deleted Scenes
BFDI Is Back

BFDI Is Back

4 years ago



4 years ago

Thanks for 4 years!
BFDI Livestream

BFDI Livestream

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The BFDI Shop

The BFDI Shop

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  1. Francisco Duran

    Francisco Duran18 hours ago


  2. UnderMax

    UnderMax18 hours ago

    pencil kinda sus

  3. L. Manuntag

    L. Manuntag18 hours ago

    0:04 I know how it feels like when you lose a best friend

  4. martin mikko pabs

    martin mikko pabs18 hours ago


  5. SwitchWither

    SwitchWither18 hours ago

    [D] She seems pretty confident to win, I respect that.

  6. L. Manuntag

    L. Manuntag18 hours ago

    1:11 When a baby yells

  7. Brandon 123

    Brandon 12318 hours ago


  8. L. Manuntag

    L. Manuntag18 hours ago


  9. L. Manuntag

    L. Manuntag18 hours ago

    0:00 War in a NUTSHELL

  10. Kurtis Joseph Voegeli

    Kurtis Joseph Voegeli18 hours ago

    6:34 what???

  11. King Colin

    King Colin18 hours ago

    [A] because blocky is a murderer

  12. Chanatip Panchupol

    Chanatip Panchupol18 hours ago

    (c) i hope lollipop is save i don't want it to go to the BRB

  13. L. Manuntag

    L. Manuntag18 hours ago

    0:04 when someone hates ur ad

  14. thereactergamer ninja

    thereactergamer ninja18 hours ago

    What the heck 8:09

  15. 危小小

    危小小18 hours ago


  16. L. Manuntag

    L. Manuntag18 hours ago

    0:00 bullies when they talk about your looks (Seriously do not bully other people)

  17. Rebecca Ang

    Rebecca Ang18 hours ago

    why doesn't anyone like lollipop this episode? i mean she got the least votes, but why? i wanted her to stay... :(

  18. leafy hater

    leafy hater18 hours ago

    6:35 they messed up because bfb 18 was take the tower

  19. KingKrusher

    KingKrusher18 hours ago

    I know voting is over but I am pretty sure pen got the third most votes so this video's new votes probably still count. Anyways first is [4] because he is the host and all that jazz. Second is [AN] because he was the first host. Third is [SP] because he is said to be big and squishy which would be a perfect plush. Fourth is [PB] bruh she literally has puff in her name. Fifth is [PW] because pillows are like plushies. And finally is [SB] because he is my favorite character.

  20. Kira Lytvynenko

    Kira Lytvynenko18 hours ago


  21. Taryn Kinahan

    Taryn Kinahan18 hours ago

    I love this

  22. Amy Sabin

    Amy Sabin18 hours ago

    stop voting it ended already

  23. Ace Ivan Dao

    Ace Ivan Dao18 hours ago


  24. Kurtis Joseph Voegeli

    Kurtis Joseph Voegeli18 hours ago

    Some votes from the contestants are mostly about judgement.

  25. Andrea Villapol

    Andrea Villapol18 hours ago

    The shapes die? HhahahhahahaHAHAHAHAHHA I WANT THEM TO DIE

  26. Gamer Evie77

    Gamer Evie7718 hours ago

    (D) flower is og

  27. Jeff Webb

    Jeff Webb18 hours ago

    0:24 Is Anyone gonna acknowledge that pen throws the blue ball to himself twice?

  28. 윤지해

    윤지해18 hours ago


  29. Chris Fryer

    Chris Fryer18 hours ago

    Wow. Nice editing! it’s more than cool and amazing it FANTASTIC!!!

  30. James Love

    James Love18 hours ago


  31. lisa fernandez

    lisa fernandez18 hours ago

    Firey and blocky

  32. joseph tochtrop

    joseph tochtrop18 hours ago

    Me watching this when I was 6: why doesn’t needle like to be called needy? Me watching this when I am 11: oh know I see why needle doesn’t like to be called needy

  33. Kendrix TANZO

    Kendrix TANZO18 hours ago

    4:08 how did x make the lights blink?(thats sooper imposible)

  34. Amy Sabin

    Amy Sabin18 hours ago

    voting ended stop voting when it ended

  35. Brayden Nelson

    Brayden Nelson18 hours ago

    Please everyone recommended rainbow dog

  36. ameliya shikulova

    ameliya shikulova18 hours ago


  37. David Fisher

    David Fisher18 hours ago


  38. Chela Rivera

    Chela Rivera18 hours ago


  39. Deletus Thoust Yeetus

    Deletus Thoust Yeetus18 hours ago


  40. Lionara Tsukitauyi6

    Lionara Tsukitauyi618 hours ago


  41. coolguy28

    coolguy2818 hours ago

    Glitter for ur mom


    DARRIAN RAYFORD18 hours ago

    Your videos are good

  43. NSEW All Directions

    NSEW All Directions18 hours ago

    Top three recommended characters: Water bottle 1st Sunflower 2nd Picture 3rd

  44. Christopher H

    Christopher H18 hours ago

    "Why are you wearing the hide if an innocent telly tuppy?" - Lolly pop


    DARRIAN RAYFORD18 hours ago


  46. Nickolas Blacksmith

    Nickolas Blacksmith18 hours ago

    puff ball i say oof

  47. Axd 3

    Axd 318 hours ago


  48. Ervey Sanchez king sans

    Ervey Sanchez king sans18 hours ago

    D safe plz

  49. Ervey Sanchez king sans

    Ervey Sanchez king sans18 hours ago


  50. Tesla Gold

    Tesla Gold18 hours ago

    2 vibing: “Huh? What happened to the earth?”

  51. Theresa Hennigan

    Theresa Hennigan18 hours ago

    Tennis ball and x are the imposter

  52. Doritoes941ツ

    Doritoes941ツ18 hours ago

    11:14 four just swore!

  53. Nancy Giau Pham

    Nancy Giau Pham18 hours ago

    This is like yellows face ad

  54. Magenta Patience

    Magenta Patience18 hours ago

    so, imposters are tennis ball and X?

  55. King Colin

    King Colin18 hours ago



    YOUR NAME GAMER18 hours ago

    who else thouht this was the bfb

  57. Nancy Giau Pham

    Nancy Giau Pham18 hours ago

    2008.this is good. 2020.4.What is this screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee X what are you doing and I found 7 yes

  58. •The Quiet Kid•

    •The Quiet Kid•18 hours ago

    Eraser: ships should not exist Shippers: *Say sike right now!*

  59. berry stackley

    berry stackley18 hours ago


  60. baby zootopia's

    baby zootopia's18 hours ago

    Eraser: ship is should not exits Me:it's exits from Bfdi from those season 1 Eraser: *Skip* No one was the impostor (skipped)

  61. Big Uta

    Big Uta18 hours ago


  62. super sonic345

    super sonic34518 hours ago


  63. super sonic345

    super sonic34518 hours ago


  64. super sonic345

    super sonic34518 hours ago


  65. SpongeHell TheBob

    SpongeHell TheBob18 hours ago

    1:21 Laugh Guys

  66. James Love

    James Love18 hours ago

    x x x x x x x x

  67. Alvaro Soriano

    Alvaro Soriano18 hours ago

    X x 4

  68. Field Flower

    Field Flower18 hours ago

    [B] I feel like teardrops a great character. Her personality seems interesting in some way.

  69. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown19 hours ago

    Can you add a new contestant please🙏🙏🙏🙏

  70. David Fisher

    David Fisher19 hours ago

    Me too

  71. Aaron Nakal

    Aaron Nakal19 hours ago

    I actually laugh so much when pencil was killed (sorry I'm too evil)

  72. lawendy12

    lawendy1219 hours ago

    2:36 GB:Speak to your self Pin!! Blocky;Shush!

  73. carty Bigfatpogi

    carty Bigfatpogi19 hours ago

    Pls kill match hes mean

  74. Bobby Wlson

    Bobby Wlson19 hours ago


  75. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown19 hours ago

    I don’t know which ones I have to vote they’re all very funny

  76. DerpyMustacheCat

    DerpyMustacheCat19 hours ago


  77. AllTime GamerPro

    AllTime GamerPro19 hours ago

    Omg i can't believe you actually did an among us episode. This is awesome😃

  78. Golden Pen

    Golden Pen19 hours ago

    Who else knows about the homestar runner reference

  79. skitsophrenia

    skitsophrenia19 hours ago

    i thought it said"im not too familiar with this s__t"

  80. CollerSlicker789k

    CollerSlicker789k19 hours ago

    0:14 Wait,What These Are Two Pen,Please Pause