If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge

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  1. reeethan

    reeethanMinute ago

    Spectator: TENNIS BALL IS THE IMPOSTER” Tennis ball: I built a working replica of the scanner try it! (red eyes shows as if he is imposter) Match: wait tennis bal- OMG PENCIL WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!! Me: uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tennis ball ur spost to be killing slyly no in front of match!

  2. Sheena Albritton

    Sheena Albritton13 minutes ago


  3. Sgamer Sgamer

    Sgamer Sgamer13 minutes ago

    And I thought this would have two in it cause I saw that it has people that not in bfb

  4. Super 8234

    Super 823414 minutes ago

    everybody has been waiting for thisssss

  5. Sgamer Sgamer

    Sgamer Sgamer15 minutes ago

    I like how they make these small vid but it’s not letting them selfs do bfb 27

  6. cookie lover

    cookie lover17 minutes ago

    Lol x is l I k e so l I k e creepy l I k e

  7. Ketsararak Rangaratna

    Ketsararak Rangaratna30 minutes ago

    Is nobody gonna mention at the end teardrop also screamed

  8. Wow Productions

    Wow Productions40 minutes ago

    4:43 td is talking

  9. NeonLight

    NeonLight46 minutes ago

    I pick [A] because Match should be eliminated!

  10. Kizako With apples

    Kizako With apples52 minutes ago

    Bruh you ever play amoung us and then die because the medbay broke, lmao same

  11. Renildo Costa

    Renildo Costa54 minutes ago

    3:08 to hear among us sounds in the episode

  12. Renildo Costa

    Renildo Costa56 minutes ago

    part 2

  13. TheCakeIsALie

    TheCakeIsALieHour ago

    Eraser says his brain tells him to find out what the emergency button does but a few years ago he said readers don’t have brains


    NETCOM ARUBAHour ago

    0:45 i was thinking he was gonna say....

  15. HackerJase

    HackerJaseHour ago

    2:59 wait where's inspect sample task

  16. Lavender Moon

    Lavender MoonHour ago

    OMG I haven't watched this channel in such a long time now. This channel made my whole childhood better. The improvement in the animation is IMMACULATE and so is the voice acting! Keep up the great work! Edit: *I'm so obsessed with Gelatin's voice now.*

  17. Julie Bowman

    Julie BowmanHour ago

    Why did you end bfdi?

  18. MarshyTheMarshtomp

    MarshyTheMarshtompHour ago

    why. why does this exist.

  19. Nadine Him

    Nadine HimHour ago

    I feel bad for gelatin

  20. Pepsi !

    Pepsi !Hour ago


  21. JailAndOthers

    JailAndOthersHour ago

    1:49 lol that’s what she said

  22. Spy crabs Are good

    Spy crabs Are goodHour ago

    4:05 I fear no man But that thing It scares me

  23. Lukas Fike

    Lukas FikeHour ago

    4:11 wtf is happening to gelatin

  24. Joshemon

    JoshemonHour ago

    weird how this series looks like the one some people on discord are making. its called Duel For The Goods or something.

  25. Lukas Fike

    Lukas FikeHour ago

    0:22 why is gelatin eating himself?

  26. boris and Friends

    boris and FriendsHour ago

    X and tennis ball are sus ngl

  27. Mason's House of Trick Shots

    Mason's House of Trick ShotsHour ago

    4:09 you know remote can just report gelatin’s dead body and tell then it was x

  28. Miguel Segura ros

    Miguel Segura ros2 hours ago

    What hanpend to two and the others do an video for two

  29. Anomalocaris the Abnormal Shrimp.

    Anomalocaris the Abnormal Shrimp.2 hours ago

    The h i d e

  30. Glenn Pearce

    Glenn Pearce2 hours ago

    Gelatin:how hard is this card swipe!!! Me:it's so easy it should take 3 trys -_-

  31. gustas_9321 idk

    gustas_9321 idk2 hours ago

    Oh wait all is sus

  32. Itz_JustEpixy

    Itz_JustEpixy2 hours ago

    1:43 i was waiting four to schreech

  33. Green Impostor

    Green Impostor2 hours ago

    Impostors: Four, Tennis ball, X, and Blackhole Crewmate: literally everyone else

  34. Catalina Napoli

    Catalina Napoli2 hours ago

    black holes always win in the end

  35. {Ryu-Kaaru}

    {Ryu-Kaaru}2 hours ago

    This needs to be next episode’s challenge

  36. Lee Duncan

    Lee Duncan2 hours ago

    0:59 captains or subtitles: hey I got an idea wanna go do like *med bass* scans?

  37. J poop

    J poop2 hours ago

    Animal Ninja

  38. Rony Fuentes

    Rony Fuentes2 hours ago

    Ship should not exist black holes always win in the end 🤣

  39. Gianluca Eyre

    Gianluca Eyre2 hours ago

    So weird of seeing snowball, fanny and four scared On 4:42

  40. Cam Flen

    Cam Flen2 hours ago

    Its among us

  41. Minecraftian EPIC22

    Minecraftian EPIC222 hours ago

    1:42 four sus because of his mouth

  42. Manuel Barrera Pedraza

    Manuel Barrera Pedraza2 hours ago

    for a second i thought coin said sh*t

  43. UP 1982 heritage unit Fan

    UP 1982 heritage unit Fan2 hours ago

    Do Henry stickman LOL

  44. Roberto Miifunding Oficial

    Roberto Miifunding Oficial2 hours ago

    Yes is a crossover

  45. Brass Monke

    Brass Monke2 hours ago


  46. Hua Wang

    Hua Wang2 hours ago

    eraser: *ships should not exist* Everyone: *WHAT!?!?* The game: *BFB was not the impostor*

  47. Unstoppable Gaming

    Unstoppable Gaming2 hours ago

    Can you do a live stream

  48. Asha Rafaqat

    Asha Rafaqat2 hours ago


  49. Luis Enrique Martínez Urbano

    Luis Enrique Martínez Urbano2 hours ago

    You when try to scan the card: 0:02 If this meme have 50 likes im going to do more memes

  50. iluvcookies oreo

    iluvcookies oreo3 hours ago

    Now pencil is mean then now match


    POWER POTION3 hours ago

    I really liked the song about loser


    POWER POTION3 hours ago

    Is this BFB 26?

  53. Gerald Cadwell

    Gerald Cadwell3 hours ago

    that was not among us :/

  54. Hannie Chen

    Hannie Chen3 hours ago


  55. ChampionsUnite!

    ChampionsUnite!3 hours ago


  56. Titan

    Titan3 hours ago

    I mean, it did happen

  57. carts store

    carts store3 hours ago

    imposter dundundun--d--un---

  58. demon pretzel

    demon pretzel3 hours ago

    It no one gonna talk about the medbay scan showing Match's height as 8'4?

  59. Pokemongoldgamer121

    Pokemongoldgamer1213 hours ago

    Tennis ball is kinda sus

  60. Peony Deoni

    Peony Deoni3 hours ago

    i slightly agree with Eraser on that one. Except, rule out TBxGB.

  61. Kayla Browning

    Kayla Browning3 hours ago

    3:08 that is me around people

  62. Kesi Christopher

    Kesi Christopher3 hours ago


  63. Win Server 2008

    Win Server 20083 hours ago

    X could've been wearing the yellow version of the space suit but eh, this is cool and fine anyways!

  64. Piggy And zizzy

    Piggy And zizzy4 hours ago

    Four wears among us form

  65. Max Berutich

    Max Berutich4 hours ago

    I like it

  66. Pevi Animations

    Pevi Animations4 hours ago


  67. Rito Baka

    Rito Baka4 hours ago

    1:47 jokes never ends

  68. NeonLight

    NeonLight4 hours ago

    Funny and cool

  69. engineer gaming

    engineer gaming4 hours ago

    “Black holes always win.” Jack..? What are you trying to give us?

  70. Funz

    Funz4 hours ago

    I am subscribing u cuz u added among

  71. Francisco Herrero

    Francisco Herrero4 hours ago


  72. DaveThe CringeLord

    DaveThe CringeLord4 hours ago

    Lol this is funny 😂 im not a big bfbi or bfbi fan but i will be

  73. Keith Banks

    Keith Banks4 hours ago

    Be careful for the imposter pendant and match

  74. ytuby hbbkk

    ytuby hbbkk4 hours ago


  75. Elva Pulu

    Elva Pulu4 hours ago

    I like Among Us

  76. Hardly any diggity

    Hardly any diggity5 hours ago

    they just barely made it right as the meme was dying

  77. EmoryBestplayz 1

    EmoryBestplayz 15 hours ago

    Bro that moment when tennis ball was an imposter and that smooth turn was cool

  78. Yuri Martin Games

    Yuri Martin Games5 hours ago

    Yay gelatin died

  79. Krista Nelson

    Krista Nelson5 hours ago

    How did you make the voice of the announcer

  80. 구독해서 구독자 10명 가기

    구독해서 구독자 10명 가기5 hours ago

    O m g IT'S HERE!!!!!!!

  81. thechezychez

    thechezychez5 hours ago

    this video was trending #39 22nd nov 2020, noon gmt +0

  82. Superspooks69

    Superspooks695 hours ago

    Omg its been so long sense i saw these i have to catch up and i have alot to do I miss spongy

  83. Daniel Whalen

    Daniel Whalen5 hours ago

    I wanna say the whole channel. Can you make a video about:4 and X are looking at everyone doing a challenge that involves potions.when 2 people spill potions on X and 4 and they turn into babies. So everyone has to take care of them

  84. Malik the Hedgehog

    Malik the Hedgehog5 hours ago

    Why do match sound like Ruby

  85. i7 Cambo

    i7 Cambo5 hours ago

    1:48 Lolipop broke the forth wall

  86. Epic Kirby12

    Epic Kirby125 hours ago

    whats this i see? is that? ORIGINAL CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. WD Gaster

    WD Gaster5 hours ago

    4🔪 X🔪

  88. -ғᴀᴛᴏᴜᴍᴀ ᴜᴡᴜ-

    -ғᴀᴛᴏᴜᴍᴀ ᴜᴡᴜ-5 hours ago

    0:23 AYOOO 👁👄👁

  89. Ishan Sharma

    Ishan Sharma5 hours ago


  90. Vince Brylle Dela Cruz

    Vince Brylle Dela Cruz5 hours ago

    Do you want to know what map

  91. Barry J

    Barry J5 hours ago

    Petition to make Among Us character (Red) to be a BFDI competitor

  92. Yuana Alina

    Yuana Alina5 hours ago

    Red sus

  93. MarcosGamesX

    MarcosGamesX6 hours ago

    what!?! X Imposter?!

  94. Ender Boy

    Ender Boy6 hours ago

    X have become 4

  95. BaconYT

    BaconYT6 hours ago

    "Too saliva'ed, try again."

  96. Z G

    Z G6 hours ago

    ok but is nobody gonna talk about w o o d y p l u s h ?

  97. Jônatas Poliglotakids

    Jônatas Poliglotakids6 hours ago


  98. Maria Mejia

    Maria Mejia6 hours ago

    Four: what you told me to do that Lollipop: I know Four: THEN Lollipop: oh sorry four Four: it's okay I forgive you Lollipop: really Four: yes Lollipop: yeah thank you four Four: you're welcome Lollipop: can we be best friends forever Four: sure Lollipop: thank you four Four: you're welcome Four and Lollipop: we are best friends forever Everyone cheering because four and lollipop are best friends forever

  99. ToOlsHiEd

    ToOlsHiEd6 hours ago

    Yes among us

  100. ytuby hbbkk

    ytuby hbbkk6 hours ago


  101. Jaiden Francis

    Jaiden Francis5 hours ago